Already Lived Through?

Every day before I drift off to sleep, I lay in bed thinking- thinking about what I would like to become in future, wondering what the hell life means, picturing myself in scenarios that will never happen, trying to find inner peace. There is always that one image that sticks with me just before the subconscious takes over. Call it a hypnagogic hallucination, Wiki defines it as a threshold consciousness, during the onset of sleep. In my recurrent lucid dream, I’m lying prostrate, hidden in a thicket on top of a hill, a sniper rifle scope against my eye- Haha! I know, very juvenile. A few hundred meters away I see what I assume is my target, a black SUV, tinted windows, monster tyres. It’s parked in an alley, dimly lit, smoke escapes from one of the slightly pulled down back windows. I adjust my scope to view the car better as someone rolls down the smoking window. I hear the flick of a lighter, I hear the sound of breaking glass over the low thudding music coming from a nearby night c…

Early morning cheerfulness is extremely obnoxious.

You have never been a morning person, always had trouble waking up in the morning. It takes you two cups of black coffee with lots of sugar to actually feel like doing anything constructive with your life. You just moved to a coastal town, traffic is lighter here, you never have to be up earlier than half past six in the morning. You have never experienced fairer weather in your life, the sun is always out before you are up. Cool winds blow against palm trees in the warm morning sun, it feels like spring. Ravens are already up going about their morning mischief, rattling and cawing. You do not cover up while sleeping, weather is just too damn hot, clean sheets and clean pillow covers are all you need. You never switch off the television at night before you sleep, you always hit the mute button, switch off the lights, turn your back against the T.V and drift off to slumber land. Before the alarm goes off you’ve already been up for the last thirty minutes watching the local news channe…

First post.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a way with words-written, not spoken. I have always liked  reading. I have always liked the potential that comes with it -you get to picture the characters, picture the scenes , give characters different voices- all from your head, fascinating right? Thing with books is that we can all read the same book but none is able to picture the scenes nor the characters same as the other no matter how good the authors descriptive capabilities are. 
If the author describes a beautiful woman, I will always picture mine with a small mole on her upper lip and she will always show her soul through her smile -to me that's true beauty, to another person they'll look totally different, that's the power of reading, that has always intrigued most.  

The millennial hub is a project, no call it a hobby, a means to an end-to hone my skills as a writer and to improve my view of the world.

Look around, explore, a comment will be appreciated.